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About Kid/Teen Parties

  • All party packages include 2 hours of party time. The first hour our primary focus is making the selected project with the creators. The second hour focuses on the traditional party activities. Snacks, cake, presents and games.

  • Hosts are welcome to bring any food and beverages they wish for the party. Note: We have an optional "Snack Package" upgrade, for $50 you can add to any party 1-2  slices of pizza, a bag of chips and a juice box for each creator. This base package covers 8-10 people. Additional Snack packs can be added for groups over 10 for $4 each.

  • All parties also include a helpful team member to personally make the experience great for everyone! Help provided can vary from party to party, however our staff are trained to make sure the needs of both parent and child are met for these extra special occasions!

  • The Paint Bar supplies all crafting materials needed for each activity however it should be noted we do not offer aprons. If selecting our Canvas Package or Resin Package we advice adding a note to invitations to dress accordingly. Pottery paints do not stain clothing.


Creators Choice Pottery Package

Recommended Ages: 4-18

Duration: 2 Hours

Includes: Up to 6 painters covered in this package, all can choose 1 ceramic item each up to $28 in value. This is a HUGE selection, making it the perfect party for any age group!

Price: $275 for first 6 creators, all additional painters $32 each.

Curing Time: All piece are ready to be picked up 7 days after the party. Note: all pottery must be picked up and distributed by individuals hosting the event. 

Canvas Painting Package

Recommended Ages: 6-18

Duration: 2 Hours

Includes: Up to 6 painters covered in this package, fully instructed 8x10 painting from start to finish. (The painting process takes just over 1 hour on average.)

Price: $275 for first 6 creators, all additional painters $25 each.

Canvas Optional Upgrade: Double the canvas size to 12x16 for only $5 more per creator.

Curing Time: Ready to go same day!


Image shown is not available for this package and is for reference purposes only. More images coming soon!

Resin Suncatcher Package

Recommended Ages: 10-18

Duration: 2 Hours

Includes: Up to 4 creators covered in this package, fully instructed 3D printed resin suncatchers. A unique medium unlike anything your kiddos have likely done before these suncatchers mimic a classic stained glass technic and are absolutely stunning!

Price: $350 for first 4 creators, all additional creators $75 each.

Curing time: All resin projects ready for pick-up 24 hours after creation. (Pick-up depends on studio business hours and availability.)

Important note: We require a minimum 1 months advanced booking so we may order in the selected template from our supplier in time for your event.

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