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What It Costs

There is a studio fee of $8.00 per creator plus the cost of pottery, canvas or resin. This is a generalized fee for use of the studio, only charged for those creating.


Pottery Painting

Pottery ranges from $8-$60 with a large selection of pieces in the $18-$34 range.

We provide everything you need in order to make your own custom masterpiece.


Note: Glazing and firing can take between 3-5 day, we try to have everything ready as fast as possible. If this doesn’t work for you we also offer shipping or specialty acrylic paint. This way anyone visiting our shop can make memories to last a lifetime!

Canvas Painting

Please notify the studio in advance if you wish to do canvas, either call or in the note section of the booking application make a note.

Explore your inner Picasso with one of our fully instructed DIY canvas kits, we supply all the paint, instruction booklets, canvas, and brushes needed to make a masterpiece you will be proud to hang on your wall.

Cost: $8 studio fee plus canvas ($30 for 16×20 canvas, $25 for 12×16 canvas, $20 for an 8×11 canvas) 

Note: in studio painting is not instructed by a teacher, we have step-by-step booklets available for the 16×20 canvas only and staff members available for any questions you may have.


Resin Art (Coming Soon!)

The newest medium coming soon to all 3 locations! 

Charcuterie boards, coaster sets, ornaments, pens, boxes and so much more. At our studios, creators can choose to create a single-visit project using UV resin or one of our larger multi-visit projects such as a custom charcuterie board using epoxy. Our team will be there to assist you from start to finish while you create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece fully out of resin!

Cost: $10-400 prices are priced item to item and dependent on whether multiple visits are required or not. We have a great assortment of $10-50 priced projects available. More info will be made available in-store.

Note: UV resin is not food-safe or high-temperature resistant. All single-visit projects are made with UV resin. Please keep this in mind when coming in to create!

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